* How do I use the Warehouse Service? How does it work ?

Fashion-Korea Warehouse Service is based on Storage system, it means, You send your order( parcel) to your Storage in Fashion-Korea Warehouse,  Many online shops in Korea, they accept overseas credit card and Wire transfer through many international money transfer platforms now, so, you can enjoy shopping by your self in Korea
Fashion-Korea warehouse Service is storage, packaging, and shipment are provided as one service., it means, we provide you with a free place in Korea, in where, your orders from your sellers/shops will be stored and packed and shipped by fashion-Korea warehouse,
All you have to do is just enjoy your shopping in Korea and ask for your seller/shop to deliver your order(s) to warehouse here Fashion-Korea Warehouse in Korea.

You can refer to below for more information.


* Can you accept PayPal?

Sorry, We are not accept PayPal , only accept Western Union Transfer, Bank Transfer for better service for both side, so, Bank wire thru many Transfer App. such as SENTBE, TransferWISE are prefer payment option for Fashion-Korea warehouse Service.

* What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept Western Union payment and Bank Transfer through Transfer WISE, Money Gram, SENTBE and other similar money transfer methods that make quick Bank transfer. For more detail click here

* How can i pay you with Western Union and What should I do to let you know so that you proceed my order

① You can find and get through your email as well, the information of the Western Union detail for your payment sending at the PAYMENT step  (Pay by Western Union)

② You can make the payment through Western Union website or drop by Bank for sending Western Union (different each country, Please.refer to Western Union website in your country)

③You can let us know Western Union Payment Information filling out the "Report a Western Union Payment" (Placed in bottom of Fashion-Korea website or at your account) refer to below image.

* How long i can store my items in the warehouse ?, if any charge for warehouse ?

All packages are kept for up to 4 months from the day after the first packages arrives in same storage

Packages that have passed the period shall be disposed of within 48 hours after notifying the owner of the cargo subject to disposal through member information e-mail ( It doesn't matter if an e-mail about the notification was sent or not. )

* How can i check my items information in Fashion-Korea website ?

All arrival parcels are classified and stored according to each storage number by us, when your parcel(s) arrives at your storage, a photo of the contents and a simple information (weight, shipping cost) of the parcels and your storage can be seen put your stage on the search bar on the top of Fashion-Korea website, or as your request, a link to the storage url to check it will be sent to your email by admin.

We open your parcel for photo information and measure your parcel Weight whenever your parcel arrived here and update your charge. You can check and choose one of Shipping methods( EMS or EMS Premium(UPS) or Air courier or Air Mail methods or available any Methods) and make payment for shipment to your place..

* How can i get my own Storage number ?

Storage is like a private safe and only can be seen the storage owner ( You can get the storage number by submitting Booking Storage request), Storage is located in main warehouse and will be updated when parcel arrives by Team
You can submit Booking Storage request after joined our website(email and name should be same between booking storage and member join information and we make them link each, so that we need your membership Join first before submit booking request), we will check and send you your own unique Storage number and arrange your storage in warehouse.
You can write your storage number with detail address at the delivery address in any shop where you use.

* I sent booking storage and got a storage number and then What's next ?

Enjoy shopping, and add Fashion-Korea warehouse address as domestic delivery destination with your storage number on your seller's shop/site and order your items and make the seller/shop send it to Fashion-Korea warehouse.

When the items you ordered arrives, we store the items in your storage and update the information on the product so that you can check it after login.  

* I have ordered many items to many seller/ shops and sent to fashion-korea warehouse my booking storage and  mostly my items pre_order from weverse shop, the items will be released in a few month later, What can i do ?

Feel free and enjoy Korean shopping, 

All packages are kept for up to 4 months from the day after the first packages arrives in same storage, but, if you have any pre_order, Pls, let us know, we will wait and extend the period of the time until the items arrive here.

Storage : Whenever your package arrives, we check the contents of your package and upload the photos and details according to your storage number information ( Storage number, Name, Delivery Country)
Storage number : this storage number will be given to you by admin, You can get the storage number submitting storage booking request.
Name : You can write your full name in Storage booking request.
Delivery Country : All shipping charge will be made based on your delivery country ( if you change the delviery country, pls. let us know in advance)

Storage and Storage number :

1. Your First package will be stored at your storage number ( if your storage number A01, Your first package will be stored at A01) and uploaded package picture and content detail.
2. If Your other packages arrived, they will be stored A01-1 and A01-2 and A01-3 (They are marked in order and stored with each number)
- You can refe to Total weight each storage and add to cart for proceed your shipment. ( if Cart over limited weight it will be unavailalble carrier so, remove one or more storage in your cart)
EMS Premium(UPS) uoto 30kg

*one Package in one storage number, first package store at main your storage numer and the other your package store your new storage is created which is marked as -1,-2 based on your origianl Storage number, according to your package quantities.

* You can add alone or together with other package to cart upto limited weight for shipment.

Storage for Korean warehouse for shipping

* Where can i get warehouse address ?

We are using Korean Warehouse,where the space many companies share of the same kind, and due to its good transportation, domestic delivery is quick and easy, and has the advantage of safe storage and movement.

The address in Korea is currently displayed in two ways, divided into the old method Korean land lot number and the Korean road name method which a newly established method 10 years ago. The old Land lot method is gradually disappearing, and road name address method is mainly used now. Here, we introduce Road name address for warehouse address.

You can find more information Fashion-Korea Warehouse Here

How can I add your warehouse address ?

You can copy and paste Korean address , Please, click and check Here,we show you some of samples.

* I did not/could not write my Storage number on parcel, How can i do ?

Many parcels are received from the sellers/shops, but sometimes the tracking numbers and name are unclear due to the condition or contamination of the parcels, and in most cases, the recipient's name is not accurately due to the displayed by personal protection policies, if you forgot or could not to write your storage number, Please, let us know your name and items content and tracking number which issue by seller, we will check and pick up the parcel.

* I put my storage number on the search bar, but i could not find my storage, what happened ?

If you can't find your own storage, make sure you enter your own storage number correctly, also make sure you're currently logged in, and if you're not logged in, log in again to check. You can only check your storage when you are logged in and it is impossible to check storage other than your own.-still have problems? Please Contact us

* What is Shipping Methods ?

Ship all countries with available carriers, EMS, AIRMAIL, EMS Premium(UPS), Sea Parcel(Surface) below delivery days are in normal condition, It could be delayed more or suspended for a while suddenly without notice, due to the unexpected policy of each countries situation

All tracking number will be given with shipment and you can choose one of available shipping methods (EMS Premium(UPS)/EMS/AirMail/Sea(Surface))

* EMS Premium(UPS) (3~5 business days from Korea to your place)  

* EMS (2~6 business days from Korea to your place)

* Air Mail (9~14 business days from Korea to your place)

* Surface Mail ( 50 ~70 days from Korea to your place)

Surface mail Packing is different with other Shipping methods_This is an unchangeable principle and is considered to agree when selecting sea mail as an empirical method that can reduce damage to products during sea transport. (They will be packed exactly as the seller sent it into Box,_ We open and check and show delivered items and will be packed as it sent by Seller and pack into shipping Box)

Return shipping fee(from your country to Korea) : It will be charged or abandoned by your Custom’s authority for AirMail and Air courier and EMS Premium.

Re-shipping : charge on all shipping methods -You can change re-shipping method and pay for re-shipping, if you want re-shipping.

* In the order page, Shipping Error message (Unfortunately, there are no carriers available for your delivery address.) is displayed, What problem ?

If your country is classified as an out-of-service area, or if you do not select any method on the previous page, so you can proceed by returning to the previous page and selecting the shipping method you want. in rare case, we missed available service countries. so, Please let us know if that case.

If you added over weight to cart, Please, remove one or more and try again.

If you still these error messages continue to display, please contact us.

* Can you order an item at a specific date and time ?

We always try our best to order high demand items quickly after their order period opens but some time and dates could be difficult. Whether we can assist depends on what day and time the item releases, if it is outside business hours, we can attempt to order as soon as the item releases however it could be delayed to order. If within business hours we can attempt to purchase the items at same time with payment.

* What is Prohibited Items ?


Battery( Mobile phone, laptop computer_ This will be shipped by Air courier with proper Document and limited quantities.

IMPOSSIBLE items below

Spray(related to Gas)- Usually Spray container Cosmetic, and volatility Liquid alcohol inside,Instant glue, hair dye, Perfume, Food, plants, animals. Pure gold, coins, bills....

For more information, Pleasecheck Here

* How long does shipping take ?

You can check your items which arrived at warehouse through your numbered storage.
Whenever your parcel arrives, we check the contents of the parcel and take a picture of the items to update the information.
If your order (parcel) is one case, that is, it means one storage (because you keep one package's items in one storage), and If your order is multiple ( The first package to arrive uses the assigned storage number, and from the next arrival, the last digit will be -1, -2, and your storage can be found by filling out the storage number in the search bar located top of Fashion-Korea.com) you can place a shipping order by selecting a item from each of your storage.
Once your payment is completed, we will prepare the shipment and ship it as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Inbound Shipping : Your order arrival from the shop/seller to Fashion-Korea in Korea 3~5 business days and we arrange packing for shipment one business day more.but for customs items and made-to-order items it may take a week or more that's depended on shop/seller's situation.

Outbound Shipping : Shipments will be made within 24 hours in business days in normal after your payment clearance, Tracking number will be given with shipment.

Shipping days are based on post office averages freight schedule and on board status

* Do you ship to my country ?

Due to the COVID-19 , International shipping may be delayed by more than a month or stopped in some of countries and changeable often their quarantine policy, and All shipping method has been organized by all possible countries, but sudden suspension and postponement may occur due to sudden changes in this circumstances under COVID-19

Please Check available countries and shipping methods and rates

* Has my order shipped yet ?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email on the day your order has been handed over to the Korean Post Office, or Carrier agent, if this email has not arrived please check the status of your order Status in your account. If the parcel doesn't have a shipping date yet feel free to send us an email about the order status.

* Where can I find my tracking number ?

All orders made through Fashion-Korea Warehouse Service are shipped via a registered and traceable shipping method. Tracking numbers for your shipments will be updated and mailed to you as well as stored in the order status section of website.

You can also check the Tracking number at your account with shipment.

* Can i use my Storage number after ordering, or I should make request for another storage booking ? 

You can continue to use the storage number that was first given to you and only you can use that number, and it will not be changed to another number or given to other.

You can order to your own Storage number continuously

Depending on the number of boxes shipped, the storage number will have numbers such as -1, -2 at the end by Fashion-Korea admin office here. it means, Never changed your first given Storage number, so that you can use it continuously 

For example, for the box of AXX's third order, AXX-3 is displayed.
In other words, assuming your storage number is A01, if you have already used this service 3 times and are now placing a 4th shipment order, it will appear on the storage as A01-3. (If the 3rd order box sends 2 boxes beyond the weight limit, the 4th order will be displayed to A01-5 after A01-3, A01-4) 

* Can i take my packages in Korea, because, I am stay at Hotel in Korea now.

Korea Local Delivery-(If you are in Korea or will be): Fashion-Korea is very helpful if you need a place to store the product for a while because you are planning to travel to Korea recently. in case of change your delivery Country to Local Korea, Please, let us know in advance so that we can open Local delivery

We, Fashion-Korea, keep your product and items in your storage that you applied for and ship it to your location.

Please, refer to Korea Local delivery rates below

Korea Local Delivery

* How much and How it Works ?

Once your item arrives at our warehouse center, we will measure and weigh it, and update your storage, then you can check the update and all information included your items and charges on the storage 

1. Choose the storage number that you want to pack together and write customs value to add to cart.
2. Select the delivery method available on the checkout page.
3. You can use the payment method to make a payment on the checkout page
4. Once the payment is confirmed, tracking number will be displayed if it is sent to the delivery destination within 24 hours.

You can find Here for Service charge  

* Can you mark my item as a gift with a low value ?

Sure, You can write your customs value in Product customization Message board [Customs Value for this Item(s) in USD] and save customization button to proceed ADD TO CART, as you requested value will be marked for each items to declare on your behalf.-Please, for more information Here

Basically we mark your packing box as Gift, if you want Merchandise, then, You can ask for Merchandise writing in Product customization Message board with customs value.

But, keep in mind that your Customs Authority may feel the value declared by the importer is suspicious. This usually occurs in such cases that the price is significantly lower than the real price of the goods. Lowering the prices in such a way may help you save a significant amount on import taxes but it is not welcomed in your country.

Product items value and Shipping charge does not include any custom duties imposed by the buyer’s country. Customers are responsible for all Customs, Duties, Tariffs and VAT at the time package is delivered or picked up.

* Can i return the arrived parcel for replacement or cancel ?

If the product delivered to the customer's storage is different from the product ordered by the customer, the items can be exchanged or returned.

First, the seller or seller who purchased the product should be notified of the product quickly and then guided on how to return or exchange it. After that, please let us know how to return or exchange the items, so that we can quickly prepare for the return and exchange of the product. [Exchanges and returns incur a handling fee of US$5.00 each]

* What if somebody see and get the my storage ?

Only you can check your storage with right Storage number, nobody can see and check other  customer's storage.

When you log in, you create the right to view only your own storage, but you do not have the right to view other people's storage other than your own, and it is not created and blocked.

* How long does it take to reply to an email ?

We try to reply to all emails and contact by customers within 30 min.-1 hour (not counting weekends( Saturday & Sunday ) and National holidays in that days, all contact & reply could be delayed). If you have not heard from us in 2 hours please check your spam folder of email first, and let us know sending email below

Fashion-Korea Warehouse Service

Office Email : office@fashion-korea.com

Warehouse Email : koreanseeker@naver.com

* What are your business hours ?

Warehouse will be updated and orders can be placed on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, However orders and reply are processed during our business hours shown below in shortly, 


Monday12am – 7pm KST

Tuesday10am – 7pm KST

Wednesday10am – 7pm KST

Thursday10am – 7pm KST

Friday10am – 7pm KST

Saturday 12am – 5pm KST

Sunday, Korean National Holidays-Closed