Korean Warehouse



We are using Korean Warehouse,where the space many companies share of the same kind, and due to its good transportation, domestic delivery is quick and easy, and has the advantage of safe storage and movement.

When parcels ordered by customers from sellers are received, they are classified by each customer's storage number and are first packaged so that they can be shipped overseas at any time by customers, Warehouse Team always find the best way to repack for international delivery such as filling protective inside or air wrapping the items and measure the weight and size and update in each customer's storage every time
Fashion-Korea warehouse is not only for the place warehousing and storage for the parcel, but also for classification and repackaging for safe international delivery of customer's parcel

This warehouse is divided into a platform warehouse where inbound and outbound are actively carried out, and main warehouse where stored parcels which classified and repackaged
Warehouse team update each storage whenever new arrival of parcel so that customers can check each their storage and proceed payment for shipment anytime



Tuesday: 10AM – 7PM KST

Wednesday: 10AM – 7PM KST

Thursday: 10AM – 7PM KST

Friday: 10AM – 7PM KST

Saturday: 10AM – 7PM KST

Sunday: 11AM – 9PM KST