Warehouse Address Issue



We are using Korean Warehouse,where the space many companies share of the same kind, and due to its good transportation, domestic delivery is quick and easy, and has the advantage of safe storage and movement

The warehouse has been open for nearly 10 years and has the advantage of being safely delivered to a familiar place at any time for most domestic delivery drivers.

Important parts are as below
Post code : 50625
Street Name & Number : 양주로 154
Detail address & Your Storage number: 104동 302호 Storage number.
Phone number : 010 4735 3449 [ This is warehouse number, not your phone number]

[Delivery Korean Domestic]
Post code : 50625
경상남도 양산시 양주로 154(중부동, 대동황토방아파트) 104동 302호 [Your Storage number]
Phone : 010 4735 3449 [ warehouse phone number ]
To: Your name

[From outside of Korea to Korean Warehouse]
If you have any order out of Korea and delivery to Korean warehouse, No import taxes are less around 150.00 USD (included shipping) and mark as Gift
[Your Storage number] Room302, 104Dong, 154, Yangju-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Postage code : 50625
Phone : 010 4735 3449 [ warehouse phone number ]
To : Your name

If there are no address book or edit address in seller/shop's website, You can copy and let her/him know Fashion-korea full address and phone number with your storage number.