How Do I Update My Shipping Address

How Do I Update My Shipping Address?

Depending on where you are in the order process, We may be able to help you change your shipping address.

How to change your shipping address after you placed an order [Even if you change the address after the order is placed directly, the address where the order has already been placed will not change. Therefore, you must contact the administrator to change the address where the order has been placed.]

If you placed an order with an incorrect shipping address, first check that your order hasn’t shipped yet. 

Choose your order and you’ll see whether your order is Shipped or Not Shipped:

My order is Not Shipped yet (Your order is in Preparing for Shipment Status)

If your order in Preparing for shipment Status, you can contact us to update your address on the order ASAP, FASHION-KOREA will update manually with the correct shipping address.[ We can correct the address until the tracking number is issued, so please contact us as soon as possible ]

My order was already Shipped(Your order is in Shipped Status)

If your order is Shipped, Contact us as soon as possible, so that to keep an eye on the situation, You can also check with tracking number given to your with shipment, You can check your post office or delivery company in local, but, It may be returned to Korea

In case of return to Korea - Orders are returned to Korea and will not be re-shipped, and related costs (round-trip shipping fee, customs, etc.) will be deducted from the refund.

You can not change delivery address after shipment,so, please, check your delivery address carefully

Change delivery address during check out.

If you haven't placed your order yet, you can change your shipping address when you check out:

Add an item(s) to your cart.

Go to your Cart.

Choose how you’ll pay.

Go to Proceed to checkout.

Sign in to your account at FASHION-KOREA,  if you haven’t already, or select Continue as a guest.

Under Shipping address, check that the address you want your order shipped to is correct. If it isn’t correct, select Change.

Select a shipping address or choose Add an address to enter a new address. Select Ship here once you have the right address.

Select Place your order.