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When the parcels(packages) you ordered by yourself arrived and sorted and organized in the warehouse and updated in your storage, you can place an order by selecting the storage and shipping method to be shipped from your updated storage at any time.


  1. Find your packages(parcels), write your Storage number in search bar on the top of Fashion-Korea website.
  2. Check your parcels and If you have more than two package, you can find at other storage number which based your original Storage number, you will see -1, -2, -3 at the end of your storage number)
  3. Add to cart your Package(storage) that you want to ship out and click checkout it lead to you check out page. (You should to write Customs Value for this Item(s) in USD to proceed ADD TO CART) and choose your shipping method.
  4. You can choose Payment methods in the page and make payment for proceed shipment 

Fashion-korea cart


One Package in one storage number, first package store at main your storage number and the other your package store your new storage is created which is marked as -1,-2 based on your original Storage number, according to your package quantities.

Fashion-Korea Storage CONDITION

The newly created Storage name is the same as the existing storage number, but -1, -2 etc. are added to the end of the old/original your Storage number ( such as, if your storage number is A00, the, newly created A00-1 and A00-2... )

Check out is same ways with above, only you have more Boxes to shipment, Please place an order in proper weight and don't make over weight adding to cart at many storage(package), there will be an error due to the over weight .


If you are having trouble checking out of the FASHION-KOREA.COM, check out the following general issues:

An error occurred when trying to check out.

If my order is still being processed, please wait a little longer, and if you continue to experience problems, please contact us through our inquiry.

There was a problem with your order. If you receive the following error, please try again, then review the billing and shipping information you entered to make sure it is correct.

Your order is still waiting for payment.

If the bank transfer or deposit has not been confirmed, the order status will still be displayed as pending payment, when the deposit is confirmed, it will be marked as payment approval and the order will be prepared by the seller.

Most orders will be ready within 72 hours and will be delivered, and you will receive a confirmation email when each step is in progress.

Authorize transactions with banks

Your bank may flag unexpected activities on your account. This includes initial orders and large purchases regardless of available funds or credit limits.

The bank may require verbal approval to proceed with the transaction, and may require the bank to request a higher purchase limit to complete the transaction.

Check if it is within the daily withdrawal limit or purchase limit.

Most banks have restrictions on how much money they can charge or access per day. Once this limit is reached, you can prevent your bank from working on your account no longer, regardless of the funds available to you.

Update your account billing address in

Go to your account at Go to > Account Settings Go to > Edit Address > Edit or Modify. Select > Save.

Remove Item from Cart

To remove an item from your shopping cart and Go to the shopping cart at and Check out again.

Unfortunately, there are no carriers available for your delivery address. is displayed your country is classified as an out-of-service area, or if you do not select the delivery method on the previous page. In most cases, you haven't chosen the shipping method on the previous page or over weight, so you can proceed by returning to the previous page and selecting the shipping method you want. or remove one or more package. If you chose the delivery method but these error messages continue to display, please contact us.