Payment options



You can pay through our payment methods, WesternUnion, Moneygram and Bank transfer and PayPal
Western union is best fastest way and Bank transfer also fast it will be transferred and we can checked your payment within 5 business days
Western union also offer online system, You can check it more here
Bank transfer are made not only traditional way but also use money platform such as Transferwise( and utransfer (, SENTBE, MoneyGram(

Bank Transfer

It is available to customers in most countries You can pay by transferring to a fixed account at

If you select a bank transfer and place an order, you will receive an email with the account information of the fashion-Korea (you must have a Fashion-Korea account to pay by transfer), go to the bank website or another website and transfer the money to the Fashion-Korea account. You can check the payment account and payment status in the buyer's order details.

If you send the money, the transaction information will be given to  Fashion-Korea by Bank automatically, we will update order status after your payment cleared notice from Bank.  

If you you want to send Korean Won(KRW), You can use Korean KRW instead of USD, You can change your currency option, on the right side Top,. Bank transfer will be available through several way such as Transfer wise and other APP, If you use Bank trasnfer with transfer app. No IBAN Code needed for transferring to Korea( No IBAN Code in Korean Bank)

Receivable currency is USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD, SGD, CHF, CNY, DKK, SEK, and NOK.
If you send a remittance in a currency other than the receivable currency, the remittance may be returned. (e.g., if you send money to KRW from overseas to Korea, it will be returned)


Click on the ORDER WITH AN OBLIGATION TO PAY Button, Your order will be shown at your account " as waiting for payment", You can pay online with credit or debit card in the Western Union website(same TransferWise, MoneyGram): Online payment or in any Western Union official agent: Official WU agents

Do you want to know more about Western Union, Please, click here, or Visit western union official website

Please send us a Western Union transfer data after make Western Union Payment (Western Union detail form (After Western union payment, Send your MTCN Number through form to Fashion-Korea )

Proceeding Western Union Payment

1. Installing the Western Union App

2.Join Western union membership(The first time you sign up, you need to authenticate yourself.) upload your ID card to Western union service, ex) Drive License, Passport)

3. You will receive an authentication email from Western union
4. Log in to Western union

5. Send money 

6. Enter the amount to be remitted, and select the purpose and source of the money according to the situation ex.) Personal, Savings.

7. Cash pickup and choose the How will you pay option.

8. Money has been withdrawn from the selected option.

9. checking the remittance information on the payment completion page,

10. Send the remittance information to FASHION-KOREA through "Report a Western Union Payment " in your account Fashion-Korea
( Login Fashion-Korea > Your account > Report a Western Union Payment )

Refer to Images

7. choose your payment way


9. Check your transaction information, MTCN number and other 


10. Write Your transaction data at below and send to Fashion-Korea ( Login to fashion -Korea > Your account > Click Send  Report a Western Union Payment