Packing for shipping



Basically,  You can check your items in each your storage, we only we removed Carton box(Cardboard box), the reasons are 1) Stained and damaged in local delivery 2) to reduce volume(size), space of packing box.

In general, our last packaging style is to cover each product with cushioned protective stuff, as shown in the picture below, and fill the empty space in the packaging box with air cushion or paper to prevent each product from bumping into each other while moving, and finally to minimize weight pressing on top, yes, We pack with an air cushion or recycled paper and outer tapping around that does not affect the weight.We are making every effort to prevent damage

Fashion-Korea Packing Style

Caution :

Glass or other fragile products can take a lot of packaging materials, which can increase the packaging size.
In the case of posters, the poster tube is used only, in which case the length of the poster tube is very long, the space may be consumed a lot, which may increase the size of the packaging box.
Reducing damage and reducing waste, and reducing cost is the goal of this packing for both of us.

Surface mail Packing is different with other Shipping methods : This is an unchangeable principle and is considered to agree when selecting sea mail as an empirical method that can reduce damage to products during sea transport.

They will be packed exactly as the seller sent it into Box,_ We open and show delivered items and will be packed as it sent by Seller and packed into Shipping Box for Surface mail