Shipping issue




OUTBOUND SHIPPING (From Fashion-Korea Warehouse to Your country)

Corrected Delivery address : If you have wrong delivery address, Especially Post code or city name, it is highly likely to be sent to other regions, and even if the address is corrected, it may take a long time for the parcel to be delivered to the corrected address, - In most countries, it is not easy to correct or change the address, especially in the United States, it is impossible to change the shipping address, so customers must check the address of the shipping destination, especially post code is the most important factor.

All risk : All shipment methods are dispatched on the condition of all risk owned by Buyer,  Missing, Return of importation prohibited, Unknown, Refused, Gone away, Unclaimed of buyer side with import Taxes (Fashion-Korea is not responsible for the shopping goods, items, merchandise which chosen by customers and any taxes,or other fees that may be imposed by import county when your order reaches)

Return fee will be charged to buyer in case of return of EMS Premium(UPS), AirMail, SAR, SEA delivery, due to the All risk above,so, please. check careful delivery address and customs policy in your country.

EMS Premium(UPS)- Especially expensive in case of return for Air Courier Carrier such as UPS, DHL, TNT etc..., it will be charged for secure return, other wise, it will be discarded by customs or Air Courier Carrier company, Return shipping fee(from your country to Korea) : It will be charged or abandoned by your Customs authority for All shipping methods

Re-shipping : charge on all shipping methods -You can change/switch re-shipping method and pay for re-shipping, if you want re-shipping and when the parcel returned by customs.


Surface mail Packing is different with other Shipping methods : This is an unchangeable principle and is considered to agree when selecting sea mail as an empirical method that can reduce damage to products during sea transport.

PACKING WAY : They will be packed exactly as the seller sent it into Box,_ We open and check and show delivered items and will be packed as it sent by Seller and packed into Box for Surface mail)


Cross Border Global Prohibited Items  : General Global Prohibited Items Here  also you can find Country and Territory Specific Lists in same page.

INBOUND SHIPPING (From Your seller to Fashion-Korea Warehouse)

Your order arrival estimated from the shop/seller to Fashion-Korea warehouse in Korea 3~5 business days and we will open the parcel and take photo and update content and measure weight and volume each parcel, but for customs items and made-to-order items it may take a week or more that's depended on shop/seller's situation, as for the return and exchange Please, refer to here