What’s the Status of My Order ?

What’s the Status of My Order?

You can check the shipping status of your order on FASHION-KOREA.com. If your tracking number added, you can use that to get detailed information about the package’s movement through the shipping carrier.

How to find your order’s status ? 

To find your order status:

Sign in to FASHION-KOREA.com and go to Your account. 

Go to order history and Find your order number and tap your order.

You’ll see the order status to the right of your order. You can expect your the order status and when it is shipped.

What do the order statuses mean? 

If your order is received by FASHION-KOREA, the status of your order will be updated with the status of PAYMENT ACCEPTED.

If the status is Processing in process, the order has been requested and is being prepared by FASHION-KOREA with vendor

Once the order arrives in our fulfillment center(PINKBOX.KR) and inspection and packaging is completed and move to Korean post office or carrier company, your order status will be updated to be ready for shipment

It will be updated in shipped state  when it's shipped by the Korean post office or carrier company and is on its way to you.

The different order statuses:

Payment Accept : Order received

Processing in Progress : Order Progress

Preparing for shipment : Inspect and pack in fulfillment center(PINKBOX)and move to international carrier

Shipped : Shipment to you

What to do if  order doesn’t arrive at my place ?

We recommend that you try to locate the package if your order package doesn’t arrive

See if someone else in your household or office accepted the package. 

Please check the tracking number again and track the number. Sometimes the local delivery company may need more time to deliver the package in transit,

Contact your local post office(Click Your country) or delivery center to see if the package is there or status.