* How do I use the Buying Service? How does it work ?
Fashion-Korea Shopping & Buying Service is All in one service, it means, if you want to buy any Korean interesting products at any Korean shops/stores, you can ask us to buy and ship to your place, sending with Buying service request, we will order your products/ Items as your buying order requested and inspect and repacking and ship to your place.

You pay for 1st payment for proceeding your order and 2nd payment for Shipping Charge(We will measure your items and issue Shipping charge based on weight-You can choose best shipping methods and fee you want).
All you have to do is Sending “Buying Request”for your quote, Your quotation will be give in second for your confirm on proceeding your buying order.

QUOTE REQUEST for 1st.Payment

Quote Details:
Total payable Amount : Your items amount + Service Fee
Fashion-Korea applies the following service fees to buying service orders.
Buying Service Quote;
Service Fee : 10%
* Total Items Amount : Your shopping amount
* Fixed Exchange Rate : 1USD = 1,000KRW
Shipping will be charged once all items stocked here, we will measure your items and send you Shipping cost Invoice for your Shipment-You can choose best shipping method for you.

2.PROCEED YOUR ORDER ( 1st.Payment)
We will check your Items availability and more that you missed and send you quotation to your E-mail, You can check and proceed your order. You can also pay to our PayPal account directly, or ask PayPal Invoice.

We re-pack and measure your Package Weight once all your items arrived here and Send your Shipping Invoice to your e-mail. You can check and choose one of Shipping methods( EMS or Air Mail or SAR ) and make payment for International Shipping.

Korean shopping and buying service from Korea, You name it, We buy & ship to you wherever you are. Shop any Korean store, we handle your order with care and delivery happiness from Korea to your place safely.

* Can you buy from Auction site, or private blog(cafe), Joonggonara, Bungang ?
We are impossible buying from Private Sites where each sellers upload their items without any responsible transactions, most of the sites/shops are risky, so that we do not recommend below shop and sites.
Private blog(Cafe) which no business license/ Joonggonara / Bunjang / and simailr P2P sites

* Storage Fee ?
It's free, You can order continously keep your order stocking in our place, no problem this case, but, no transaction during 30 days after order placed, After another 30 days storage, your items will be considered as abandoned items, they will be moved out other warehouse and we are not gurantee and responsible for the items status, it could be damaged or rusty, decomposition and malfunction.

* Can I submit a request for a pre-order item and make an order Pre-order ?
Sure, we can accept requests for pre-order items!
We require payment upfront for all pre-orders. When you place the order with us we will review the order and then charge you at that time. We can not charge for pre-orders when they release, only when the order is made with us.
As for the cancellations for your pre-order on the store we purchase from, most Korean stores do not accept cancellations so therefore we also can not cancel pre-orders once we have ordered from the shop.
If the shop does accept cancellations then we can cancel an order made with us as well.

* How long does it take to order my item ?
We will normally capture payment for your order within 1hour of submitting the request, except weekends and national holidays. Once we capture payment and the status of your order has changed to processing your order will be purchased shortly after. If submitted during our business hours most items are purchased almost same time with your payment.

* What happens if you can not buy my item ?
If we are unable to purchase your item we will refund the full of your order and contact you about the reason for the cancellation.

* How can I check the status of my order ?
Sure, You can check your order status anytime at your account page.
The status keep being updated and advised of any change in the situation

* What are your service fees ?
Fashion-Korea applies the following service fees to buying service orders.
Buying Service Quote;
Service Fee :10%
* Total Items Amount : Your shopping amount
* Fixed Exchange Rate : 1USD = 1,000KRW
Shipping will be charged once all items stocked here, you can choose one of reasonable shipping cost in available Shipping methods.

What’s Included
All of the following is including when you use our buying service.
Personal Assistance
Our shopping assistants are here to help.
Free Consolidation
PayPal fee
We consolidate buying service packages at no additional cost.
Free Repacking
We repack your items for international shipment at no additional cost for most items. (We may need to charge for special handling of very large or delicate items).

What’s Excluded
Shipping Charge
Shipping Cost will be charged once all items arrived and measured weight and you can choose one of available shipping methods ( EMS/Air Mail/SAR)
* EMS (2~5 business days from Korea to your place)
* Air Mail (9~14 business days from Korea to your place)
*SAR(Small packet_Less 2kg/90cm only) (9~16business days from Korea to your place)
We can handle pre-order and pre-release items.
100% Money back Guarantee
If we can’t buy your item, you get a full-refund.

* Can you order an item at a specific date and time ?
We always try our best to order high demand items quickly after their order period opens but some time and dates could be difficult. Whether we can assist depends on what day and time the item releases, if it is outside business hours, we can attempt to order as soon as the item releases however it could be delayed to order. If within business hours we can attempt to purchase the items at same time with payment.
If you are unsure about an item please contact us with a link to the item details and we will let you know if we can order at the specified day and time.
In the event the item sells out before we are able to purchase we will refund the order in full.

* What is Prohibited Items ?
Battery( Mobile phone, laptop computer_ This will be shipped by DHL with proper Document,
Spray( related to Gas- Usually Spray container Cosmetic, and Rouse( France only) and volatility Liguid alchole inside
For more detail, Pls. refer to below

* How long does shipping take ?
Shipping days from Fashion-Korea Shopping & Buying depend on gross weight of your items. Tracking number will be given so you can trace your packages progress.
Shipping Method
Delivery days (average):
EMS (Express Mail Service)- about 2-6 business days
Near Korea such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia… 2~4 business days, other Europe and North America .. 4~6 business days.
AIRMAIL - about 9-14 business days
SAR(Small packet) - about 9-16 business days

All tracking number given (No A/R service for SAR) *A/R service : no notice from your delivery before sending to your place in your country, in case of return from your country,
Return shipping fee(from your country to Korea) : It will be charged or abadoned by your Custom’s authority for AirMail, SAR. 
Re-shipping : charge on all shipping methods -You can change re-shipping method and pay for re-shipping, if you want re-shipping.

Inbound Shipping
Your order arrival from the shop/seller to Fashion-Korea in Korea 3~5 business days and we arrange packing for shipment one business day more.but for customs items and made-to-order items it may take a week or more that's dpended on shop/seller's situation.

Outbound Shipping
Shipments will be made within 1business day in normal, during that day, we make inspection, repacking and combine packing at free and we measure your  actual order gross weight and inform Shipping report.   

Shipping days are based on post office averages freight schedule and on board status
The most common reason for slow delivery is when packages are delayed by your Custom’s authority.

* What stores/shops can you buy from ?
All of them! If you find and name it , we can buy it!
We are able to purchase from almost any online store and shops also offer an in-store pickup service for items unavailable online if the store is located in near our Place
What shops are there?
Don’t know much about Korean shopping? Yes, google translate is not enough and not easy to figure out if the shopping item is available or not, Check out our blog for a recommend list of stores and shops we can purchase from, the list is not comprehensive but is a good starting point for those not familiar with online shopping in Korea.
See our Recommended Stores

* Do you ship to my country ?
Yes, We ship over 160 countries, which cover Korean Post office by EMS and AirMial and Cheapest way Small packet
Shipping delivery rates
Faster & Safer than other Shipping way EMS is recommended, AirMail and Small packet are also given Tracking number.

* Can I ship to a hotel in Korea?
Yes, we ship to any address in Korea!  We  can ship in Korea domestic as well.
We also recommend checking with the hotel to ensure they do not have specific requirements for receiving packages on your behalf.
We ship all packages by Korean post. Once you pay for shipping we normally ship the same or next business day or ask seller to ship your address in Korea directly as your request.

* Has my order shipped yet ?
You will receive a shipping confirmation email on the day your order has been handed over to the Korean Post Office, if this email has not arrived please check the status of your order Status in your account. If the package doesn't have a shipping date yet feel free to send us an email about the package’s status.

* Where can I find my tracking number ?
All orders made through Fashion-Korea Shopping & Buying Service are shipped via a registered and traceable shipping method. Tracking numbers for your shipments will be mailed to you as well as stored in the order status section of website.
You can also check the Tracking number at your account

* How much does shipping cost ?
How it Works ?
Once your item arrives at our fulfillment center, we will measure and weigh it, and send you a notification by email with EMS and Air Mail, Small packet shipping method options. Then you can check and choose one of the best Shipping method & charge and make the payment for the shipping.
Estimating Shipping
You can estimate shipping costs. Simply find your country and rate at the table with your estimate package weight. You’ll find the shipping rates here.

* Can you mark my item as a gift with a low value ?
Sure, we can adjust the products value as you requested value otherwise proper value with Gift
As your private shopping & buying Service agent in Korea, you can let us what value you’d like us to declare on your behalf.
But, keep in mind that your Customs Authority may feel the value declared by the importer is suspicious. This usually occurs in such cases that the price is significantly lower than the real price of the goods. Lowering the prices in such a way may help you save a significant amount on import taxes but it is not welcomed in your country.
Product items value and Shipping charge does not include any custom duties imposed by the buyer’s country. Customers are responsible for all Customs, Duties, Tariffs and VAT at the time package is delivered or picked up.

* What payment methods do you accept ?
We accept PayPal / credit cards via PayPal. (No account required)/ Western-uinon/ Bank wire transfer
As for the payments of Western-union / Bank wire transfer, this case of methods are restricted to refund of cancellation(included partial, sold out, and any other reason which related puchasing) but, it may be replaced to reseve money as your deposit.
Bank wire transfer will be taken more time to be confirmed by Bank situation.

* Are final prices in US dollars only ?
Yes, we charge in USD only for final payment, However Productions price will be dispayed  KRW and USD value both.
Unfortunately we cannot charge in Korean Won(KRW) or any other currencies now, but, we will try to discover more way soon.

* Can I return an item ?
Replacement or/and return of goods may not be accepted for this service business type, Korean Store/Seller its return policy should be made in 7 days , because, All of these order procedures are subject to domestic commerical law
but, in case, you can ask replace or refund for defaulty on products which included defectives on products, such as hole, broken, etc., with different with your original order in differnet size( on the place, way of measurement, there are 1~2cm tolerence) , and design, much different color ( colours may appear different each screen),. Our customer service will shortly contact you upon checking on your request.
Please make sure you have selected right options(e.g. size, colour and quantity) prior to completing the order.

* How can I cancel my order ?
You may request a cancellation if we have not already purchased the item( Your order will be proceed with your PayPal payment at same time). Please contact us to arrange a cancellation if desired.
If we’ve already purchased goods on your behalf. We will wait and receive the ordered items and then, return it for cancellation to the seller/store, in that case, we charge return fee US$5.00~7.00 as seller(shop)’s return policy in Korea and handling fee is not refund
Please note that custom ordered items(hand made or customs design), we are unable to process any refunds or exchange because that most Korean stores have a strict no return policy on Custom order.

* How long does it take to process a refund ?
We will normally process refunds internally within 1-2 business days to same way you made through, however please allow another 1 days for the refund to appear on your account as condition of your payment way.

* How long does it take to reply to an email ?
We try to reply to all emails and contact by customers within 30min-1hours (not counting weekends( Saturday & Sunday ) and National holidays in that days, all contact & replay could be delayed). If you have not heard from us in 2 hours please check your spam folder of email first, and let us know sending email below
Fashion-Korea Shopping & Buying Service
S.V Email : office@fashion-korea.com

* What are your business hours ?
Orders can be placed on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
However orders and emails are processed during our business hours shown below in shortly, Saturday/Sunday/Holiday can be delayed.

Monday10am – 7pm KST
Tuesday10am – 7pm KST
Wednesday10am – 7pm KST
Thursday10am – 7pm KST
Friday10am – 7pm KST
Korean National Holidays


Can you buy items outside business hours?
Sure, it could be delayed than normal in our business hours.