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private Warehouse Service by Fashion-Korea

Make your orders to shops and sellers by yourself, asking for delivery to your storage in Fashion-Korea warehouse and send your order(s) to your storage in warehouse, adding Korean warehouse address to your address book in your account address information in sellers/shops.


 Fashion-Korea Storage flow chart

Check your storage and we will upload your parcel photo and details, it will be updated whenever your package arrives.

All arrival parcels are classified and stored according to each storage number by us, when your parcel(s) arrives at your storage, a photo of the contents and a simple information (weight, shipping cost) of the parcel will be updated in your storage, You can find your storage put your storage number on the search bar at the top of this website or a link to the storage URL to check it will be sent to your email by warehouse.

You can check your online storage in here, you can find your arrived items information, if you want shipping order, You can write down for this item the customs declaration price you want in product customization message board Customs Value for this Item(s) in USD and save customization button in this page.

For more detail check Here